Frequently Asked Questions

Will Jackson Properties notify me if my child does not pay their rent or has an outstanding balance balance?

Yes, the guarantor, as well as, the resident will be contacted if rent is not paid. Jackson Properties will call, e-mail, and/or send written notice shortly after the rent due date.

Parents will also receive outstanding notices notification, if applicable in December, April and July.

Is the deposit 100% Refundable?

NO. There is a standard one-time cleaning and processing fee that is taken out of the entire security deposit at the end of the lease. If the residents do not clean the unit before they move out additional charges, per the lease agreement, will apply.

Do you charge late fees if the rent is not paid on time?

Yes. There is a one-time late fee of $40.00 the first day late and $2.00 every day after starting the day after rent is due until paid in full.

Rent is considered late if it is paid the day after the due date determined on the lease.

Rent will not be considered late if it is mailed to us and post marked by the rent due date.

What does every resident have to pay before move-in?

Each resident is required to pay an application fee, a security deposit, last month’s rent, and first month’s rent upon moving in, unless otherwise specified in their lease agreement.

What happens if we have fulfilled all the move-in requirements, but the other roommates on the lease agreement have not? Can my son/daughter still move in on time?

No one can move into the house/apartment until everything is received from every resident. This includes the rental application fee, security deposit, first and last months rent, and guarantee of lease. No Exceptions!

Jackson Properties will be calling future residents multiple times before the requested move in date to remind them of certain due dates and if they have any missing information needed upon move in. All residents also receive a "reminder sheet" when they sign the lease with specific due dates, amount dues before move in, and documents still due.

How can I pay my son/daughter’s rent?

You can mail your payment to us at:

Jackson Properties
P.O. Box 4008
Tallahassee, FL 32315

You can also pay the rent online by visiting the "Residents Corner" tab.

Is it possible to break a lease?

There is no such option with Jackson Properties.

However we do provide options:

You can pay off the total outstanding rent of the lease agreement in full.

The resident can find a sublease, but still be responsible for the rent until one is found. The sublease will be subject to the same application procedures as any other resident of Jackson Properties.

Do not allow your son/daughter to have someone in the unit without notifying Jackson Properties.

Who signs the lease agreement?

The person who will be occupying the unit will sign the lease agreement.

Can I pay the rent "in bulk" or a few months at a time?


Please keep track of the amount of months you have paid so that when it is time to pay again, you do not accumulate late fees. If you would like a reminder from Jackson Properties, we would be happy to provide you with one, just ask!

Can I bring my personal pet if I am going to visit my son/daughter?

No! We have a very strict NO PET policy. If an animal is seen on the premises or inside the property, it will be an immediate loss of the house deposit or a $500.00 fine, whichever one is greater, no questions asked!

The residents, as well as, the guarantors will be notified via mail and/or phone if an animal is seen on the property.

Can we fill out the necessary paperwork if we can’t make it to the office?

Yes. All documents needed can be found in our website under "Leasing Info" and can be transmitted to us via e-mail, fax, and/or mail.

Payments can also be taken over the phone, paid online, or mailed directly to the office.

A leasing consultant can go over the lease agreement and all other paper work with a prospective resident over the phone.

My son/daughter is over 18, do they still need to have a guarantor?

Yes! Every one of our residents is required to have a guarantor, No Exceptions!

A guarantor must be someone other than the person signing the lease agreement and must be a parent willing to pay the rent in case the resident does not pay it.

If I mail in a rental payment, what do I need to write on the check?

Please write the name of the resident and the address of where the resident resides.

If my child leaves/moves out before the lease end date, are they still responsible for the rent?

Yes, a resident is responsible until the lease agreement has expired or until a sublease is found.

Can we add/change locks onto their bedroom, front and/or back doors in the house?

No, we do not allow residents to change locks or add a temporary lock that will stop Jackson Properties from gaining entrance into the property.

Jackson Properties needs to be able to access the property in order to do the monthly pest control, fulfill maintenance requests, inspect fire extinguishers/fire sprinklers (if applicable), perform yearly inspections, show property to prospective residents and/or other any other reason stated in the lease.

Per the lease agreement and addendum to the lease agreement, for every lock that is changed, a $75.00 fine will be assessed.

If a roommate damages the property, will my child be held responsible?

Yes. If your child has signed a lease agreement with other people on the same lease, they are all collectively responsible for any damages to the house.

It is the responsibility of the residents to maintain that the property in good condition. We do not assign bedrooms or are able to see what goes on inside the house; therefore have no way of knowing who does what damage to the house.

It is important for residents to pick roommates they can trust to maintain and take care of the property as if it was their own.

If your son/daughter has signed an individual lease agreement at University Center Apartments, they are all collectively responsible for the common areas and individually responsible for their bedroom.

Can my child walk to campus?

Yes! All of our properties are located within 1 mile of FSU and between 2-3 miles of TCC and FAMU.

There are also university and city bus lines located near (if not next to) all of our properties.

How do i set up my utilities?

You will have to contact the City of Tallahassee in person by visiting The Renaissance Center at 435 N. Macomb Street Tallahassee, Fl 32301 by phone by calling 850-891-4968 or you can visit their website by clicking the link

How do i set up cable and internet?

You can contact Comcast at 850-574-4000, you can also visit their website at

Do the houses come furnished?

No, houses are not furnished, however they do have all the major appliances including washer and dryer. Furniture packages can be purchased for some of our other properties.